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How long have all of you been riding for?

How long have all of you been riding for?
Gosh I feel old! Got my first pony when I was 5 and I’m now 38! So I’ve been riding for 33 years!
13 years :)
7 year!
One year, I did a couple of lessons when I was 12 and now I'm 17 and completed a full year of riding school lessons every fortnight. I adore horses
Since i was 3, im 15 now
Since I was 3/4 and now I‘m 16 😊
A couple months over a year and a half
8 years
Almost 6 years
4 years
5 Years
Everyone has been riding for so long and here I come and I have almost been riding for a year now.
Since I was about 7 now I'm 14.
15 years, started when I was 4 (:
About 11 years
7 years. Started when I was 6
10 years
18 years 🙈 Started when I was four years old 🐴
11 years
12 years