So I have been working on jumping. I am a fairly new beginner in jumping and I have been working on keeping my legs by the girth. But when I jump my legs seem to swing back.😫 Any advice?

Thank you so much everyone!!! I have already improved!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I used to have this issue (I still do sometimes), but honestly just lots of practice makes it better, some no stirrup work will help too. Hope this helped xxx
When you move with your horses movements, try to only use your top part of your body. Don't focus too much on the legs and just lean forward with your torso.
Work on strengthening your leg muscles
Do a lot of stirrup-less work which will help u to get stronger leg muscles. Keep your weight in your heels, and jump bareback or take the stirrups off your saddle to help strengthen your legs :)
Instead of going into the position yourself, wait for the horse. As you get more experienced, you will know when to go into two point. Also, try jumping stirrupless and focus on keeping your heels down.
When jumping, instead of thinking of moving forward, think of waiting and moving with the horse. Thinking about pushing your heels forward over the jump and not leaning too far forward should help
To help myself with this issue I do a lot of bareback work over jumps, this seems to help me out a lot
Do some jumps without your stirrups it helps to keep your legs in the correct place
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