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What are everyone’s favorite horse breeds? Tell me why 😁

What are everyone’s favorite horse breeds? Tell me why 😁
Off the track Thoroughbreds because I love the willingness in them and the try! Great jumpers! Overall beautiful!
All these responses are amazing thanks everyone so far!
I've learned everything I know through my Nan's Arabian Horses. I love the Arabs not only because how majestic and gorgeous they are, but I find they're funny creatures - they act like a wife and a best friend. Not implying other horse aren't same but I find that the Arab horses have more of a spark to them - they almost seem like a human.
Dutch warmbloods because they are beautiful and they have a wonderful temperament
Arabians because they are unique and majestic!
Thoroughbreds because I like a hot and crazy horse 😜
qh because they are very versatile & their confo can fit about any discipline
Throughbreds. Although some are hot and spook at pretty much everything, they are very athletic, very smart and generally have a good attitude. With patient training I’ve seen them do well in both jumping and dressage.
For me, I have found the OTTB has many issues, not easy to train or take outside. They can wreck themselves and don't do well unless stable pampered! I prefer the Arabian, American Saddler that has not been show trained, Welsh ponies, Nooitgedacht pony, Boerperd, Friesan and Appaloosa. But I think it really depends on the individual you are riding
For me, the Arabian, Nooitgedacht, Boerperd, Friesians and Welsh pony
Thoroughbred , Irish sport horse
Thanks for all your answers so far!
Thoroughbred. Athletic and so willing to learn and so eager to please!
Quarter Horses! Eager to please, athletic, and very versatile!
Thoroughbred. They're so athletic
Hanoverians because they are great eventers and everyone says they have a great temperament!