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Dressage legal supplements to help with focus?

Dressage legal supplements to help with focus?
Megan you can e-mail me at [email protected] If you want
Angelique, I’d love to know more about it!
Hi Megan, in a few weeks I have a new calmer. Test riders are very possitive. Ingredients are beta-nops ( Notting in it that is forbidden by FEI) dont know where you are but I could ship it. Just let me know
I would suggest lots of Liberty. I know lots of people who show seriously, don't care for liberty. However if you are interested in helping your horse focus more on you, then I definitely suggest trying liberty first before supplements.
If you do decide you want to try liberty, then do lots of research first and try to not use any ropes or whips for the first bit. Only your body language and his body language is needed. Sometimes people use dressage whips for the extension of their arm for aids when doing liberty, but I only ever used my body language and my horse and I were going for walks around the property outside of his pasture outside of fenced in areas. He could have taken off to the town or lake haha. He only had his halter on because when he had his halter on he knew it was work time. It's really a good way to get your horse to focus on you completly. It does take time. Depends on the horse. I hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!
Alyssa, probably not enough honestly. When I started him, we did lots of ground work, and he is well versed in basic ground work skills. Are there additional excersises from the ground you’d recommend for an unfocused hot horse? I don’t mind the hotness at all, but I do need his attention on me instead of whatever else is going on outside the ring.
How much ground work do you do with him before shows? How much ground work do you do with him overall? Not including lunging.
Thanks for the training tips! I’ve had this guy since he was 3 (and I started him). He is now 9. Training isn’t the issue, or I would happily address it as I would prefer that over supplements. But he has a serious case of ADHD that training is not solving 100%.
Do exercises, and work with your horse with its nerves. Animals can get nervous too. Work with them physically and mentally, before using chemicals that mess with their heads/body to make them more "calm" and "focus" better.
Hey Megan! Before using a chemical product, maybe you can try to reassure your horse at the show by talking with him and maybe you can try to massage him for more relaxed. 😊
Yeah ive heard Zylkene is really good for show environments
Zylkene? Relaxes horse from stressful situations "allowing" them to focus and learn new things.. or so it's advertised to! Still pretty new for equine use...