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Can I earn my living by giving riding lessons?

Can I earn my living by giving riding lessons?
Yup. You should be certified and have insurance though (or maybe that’s just in Canada, so some research:)! )
You're welcome! 😊If that was for me..haha
You absolutely can
Aaah okey, I'm agree, thank u so much!! 😄
Haha it's ok. Work at your barn, then also have another job somewhere else. Have two jobs. Give lessons and and get a job at your local grocery store or something 🙂
Ouch, I don't understand 😅😅
No. Give lessons and a part time job
Do you want to say a part-time job besides teaching?
Then ya, it does depend on how much your boss pays you. I think you should do a combination of lessons and training. But even then I would suggest to still get a part time job.
I mean teaching at a club, not my own
Yes and no. You have to keep in mind of how much is spent on giving the lessons too. And if you are doing it on your own or under someone. If you are doing it on your own you should always have a horse that you own to be the lesson horse and you have to provide the equipment then too. You have to spend a lot before even making enough money to keep for yourself.
Hey8 I agree with Lily it depends on how many lessons you give and also how much your boss pay you! Depends also if you spending a lot or not 😜
Depends on how many u give per day/week and your experience and expertise which will lead to how much you wil charge