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What is your opinion on putting pink on a gelding?

What is your opinion on putting pink on a gelding?
No respect for those with weird colours or plastic gear🤦🏽‍♀️ Sorr, not sorry🤷🏽‍♀️
Confusing.... I honestly like nice shades of turquoise for geldings
I don’t like pink on horses in general. I’m more of the classic colours (navy, black, dark green)
I haven't tried it on mine but it does suit some. So I would say I have mixed feelings hahaha
i love it❤️
If it looks good on them- go for it! I have a bay gelding who looks great in purple soooo...
There is nothing wrong with putting pink on a gelding 🐴💓
Depends on the colour of the horse.
I think baby pink looks so good on jet black horses soooooo I wouldn't mind to put pink saddle pad on a black gelding bc the aesthetics 🤣
I put pink on my boy. :)
Sydney Surie it’s for a fun color
If Pink makes you smile, then do it. I bet your horse will love it too from the positive energy you give off when you ride him. Pink Power 🦄
Poor thing!!!
It doesn’t matter! I really like the color pink on a lot of the horses I ride
My horse is a boy and I wear pink on him it looks really cute.
Real men wear pink!
men can wear pink
If you like it, put it on :D he's going to look fabulous
Is this for your show colour or paddock colour