I'm doing a horse themed art project for my junior cert I would like to revolve it around all aspects of the equestrian world any suggestions? All put into consideration

Love the idea Sydney will try put that in somewhere
Have a horse jumping in the background and a horse doing dressage in the front and a horse turning back cattle and a horse ties up getting brushed. That shows that there are many things to do with horses
Thanks Mila really like that idea will definitely try to tie that in somehow 💜😚
I always do horses and animals but I don't care she can't make me do something else 😂 I was going to do tv shows and movies but there was no categories to link them too
Maybe try to do a segment on horsemanship and join-up to help explain that riding is more than just a sport but a relationship
That's cool! My teacher told me to pick something other than horses because that's all I ever do 😂😂
I'm using Leonardo da Vinci and Franz Marc as my artists that inspire me...
The theme is the next chapter and my teacher told me I could use horse riding as a job of some sort in the next chapter of my life 💙👍
I have no ideas because I'm doing my junior cert too and I can't even get my own ideas together but I'm just curious what theme you are doing that under?
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