How do you gain confidence around new horses that you dont know? especially if they are naughty & very pushy on the ground. I m also worried about if it misbehaves when i ride.

You have to trust the horse and the horse has to trust you before you two can go riding. Riding must be fun. If you dont rode for your paycheck you can take time before you ride that horse. You dont have to,...
It is ok to be nervous, dont blame yourselve. Spend time with the horse and be very clear about you Personal space. No horse can enter that without being invited.
Hey Laura! It's normal to have some troubles at the beginning with a new horse. Take your time and don't worry about it! You need time to know better your horse, and find what's work with him. Try to develop your relationship with him! And everything gonna be all right! 😊
Ground work
Lots and lots of groundwork. Treat them the same way you would any other horse - if your not confident on the ground don't get on the horse as that could end up very very bad.
Just keep doing it. The more you do it the more easier it becomes. And try not to show your nervousness.
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