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What do you think about using spurs?

What do you think about using spurs?
They are very useful if used correctly, I use Spursuaders, the end is big and flat and the edges are very rounded so they don’t hurt the horse, google images of them, my description isn’t very good haha
A useful training aid if used correctly and the riders leg is steady and seat is developed.
I believe they can be a useful training aid when they are used correctly
I use them when competing but not when training so the horse doesn’t lean to ignore my leg
If used correctly it can really benefit the horse and rider
only if the horse needs them! but don't use them harshly if needed❤️
There are a variety of spurs and the round ended ones are the best as they are an extension of your leg and dont mark or hurt your horse. They also come in different lengths
Spurs are great if used correctly and at a certain level of Dressage they have to be worn in competition. I have a gently leg and my mare is very responsive energetic and quirky and I find them useful in lateral work.
I would never wear spurs in a million years!! I absolutely hate them. Just think would u want a piece of metal dig into your side? I bet the answer was a no. So if u wouldn’t want it to happen to u, why do it to your horse? My friend decided she wanted to start wearing spurs. Me being me I took the spur and put it into my side the same amount of pressure u would a horse. It hurt so much! It would hurt the horse more than it hurt me too. There nerves are right at the top of the skin so the pain they feel is worse than what we would feel.
When needed and used CORRECTLY they are a great tool for backing up your leg and sharpening your aids! I wouldn't use them all the time but for a lazy horse that lacks motivation a quick brush up over a few rides is beneficial.
I would definitely never in a million years use spurs they are sharp and people are violent with them
I think they are a great aid when being used properly as long as they’re not abused!!
It depends on the rider, I wouldn't use them myself as i don't have any need for them. If the rider is experienced, they can use it as long as they don't use it in the wrong way. As said, the rider needs to be experienced and needs to know the ''rules'' with spurs, they are not meant to be used in a harmful way, or as punishment.
Depends on the riders leg. It's like a bit...even the softest one is bad in the wrong hands
Personally I disagree with them as people can be quite violent when using them, not to say all people are like that! I think the leg should be enough
I personally like spurs, because they help me a lot with working and jumping my mare, however I use a spur that is round in the end that is very effective and does not hurt my mare.
I personally don't like them, but if they're being used in the right hands by an experience (nice), rider who isn't jabbing their heels into their horse every 5 seconds then they're okay. My trainer tried to get me to put some on but I know my lower leg isn't still enough yet (in my opinion), so I didn't want to risk hurting my horse. I think they can be abusive in the wrong hands though, there are other ways to control and engage your horse without pain
You can get spurs that have a little rubber bulb on the end that so the pressure is there but it doesn’t take away any fur
No no no they're terrible, especially when the wrong person uses them!
HATE THEM, PEOPLE HAVE TO GET THAT YOU CANT USE SPURS PROPERLY! If you use them "properly" they are still going to hurt the horse! Would you like metal getting jabbed into your ribs? They were designed to inflict pain so you can control your horse better!