Can someone please help me? I am looking for my horse sold him from the Netherlands to the USA, he was a jumper, I believe he is a hunter now. Holsteiner, grey/white +- 1.72m.

I don't know who bought him, my trainer sold him to the USA for me, didn't do it myself and she also doesn't know where he is.
Contact the people you sold him to
Quidado x Calato I (Quidam de Revel), we called him Q-Pido (cupid), because he only had a number(DE421000048510), not a name. He came from Germany to us (Holland). He is branded. Born june 5th-2010.
You’d need to give more information as there are a lot of grey holsteiner horses that size sold to the States. I have one lol. Who bred him, name, branded, age, etc?
So maybe someone knows him! Small chance though..
Hey, sorry! I am just really curious where he is now... Miss him and wonder how he's doing. I have no idea where he is.. Or who is riding him.
Hi! I don't really know what are you asking, what do you want to know exactly?
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