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How many times a week do you have to ride to become successful?

How many times a week do you have to ride to become successful?
Depends on how much you want to succeed with your horse. You also have to have a good steady timeline for yourself and your horse. Know your horse and yourself and work from there. I would recommend when ever you have time if your wanting to go high. But remember your horse might not be able to handle that. Good luck :)
I ride an hour and half every week but ride different horses with different abilities one some of the horses I do be on I’m do be on showjumpers other weeks hunters and then just lazy schooling horses I find it just really depends on you and the horse your on I’m able to jump between 1’20 and 1’40 and the showjumpers but only about 90 on the schooling horses
As much as possible. Practice makes perfect!
I'd say have a baseline of 3-4 30/45 minutes work sessions (focused productive schooling with 5-10 minutes walking loose either before and/or after if you have time) a week and max 6 rides a week depending. Good to experiment with what your horse needs and can cope with depending on your own schedule.
This is an unanswerable question in my opinion. It depends on the horse, rider, and how they work together. The definition of successful is also different for everyone, so one may think that Grand Prix jumping is successful whereas others may just want to be happy solely with their progress.
There is a saying you have to execute a one movement on a horse 10 000 times to be successful
Depends on your level and how much work you’re putting into your ride
I ride everyday hahaha. But I think that the important think is not how many times you ride, instead ho you ride. Try to make diferent things everyday
I was always told it's quality not quantity. So basically it's how hard you work not how long it takes.
However many times benefit you
As much as you can, different horses and with different instructors in different places
Practice is the keyword
I ride 2-3 times a week. I ride all different horses with different difficulties
@dreyes101 I still can improve. But it takes a lot of months. I wish I could have my own horse
My instructor always says to be good at something you need to put in 10,000 hours obviously it changes depending on what successful means to you
I ride once a week, I’ve only been riding for a year and can alredy jump 2.5 feet, it all depends on your relationship and how advanced the horse is and how much you know
The fastest I had ever improved and moved through levels was when I rode three times a week. (And it wasn't on my own horse). Now I ride my own horse once a week and it's still good but I wish I could ride more often
You're right. Thank you. @teresahfsilva
I rode 3 times a week when I didn't have my horse, now I ride 5 times, the more times the better I guess
I don't have my own horse and I just ride 1h and a half per week. I'm 17. I do dressage and I'm in elementary level.
It gets very hard to progress when you don't have your own horse. @shaelin_tye
I ride 3-6 times a week and Hestie and I got 1 and 2 in our SANESA Schools we do dressage, I guess it depends on what riding you do.