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How can I improve my extended walk?

How can I improve my extended walk?
Thank you very much for your answer!! It helped me a lot! @scottleigh
Hello Margarida!
A good walk is the foundation of any horse’s training, whatever discipline you’re doing.
A good exercise to improve your horse's walk:
With your horse taking the maximum length of stride while maintaining a light consistent contact – it’s also a good way to start any schooling session. You horse will be stretching forwards into a contact and using his back - imagine he’s walking like a panther, stalking through the jungle. This exercise helps develop a good stretching extended walk.
After, asking your horse to take baby steps in walk will help improve his collection and improve engagement. Before you start your horse needs to be in front of your leg and balanced, otherwise he’ll simply stiffen his body against you.
If your horse is unwilling to stretch forwards in his walk, using poles on the ground can help. Pole work also helps your horse maintain a balanced, rhythmic walk with plenty of energy and encourages him to use his hindquarters. It also adds some variety to your horse’s training session and can help him concentrate, as it keeps him thinking.

Good training!