When I ask my horse to canter he has problems picking the right lead. How can I explain to him what I want? :/ we made a lot of improvements but it's still one of our problems.

Over exaggerate everything when you ask
Doing walk to canter transitions over a pole, especially going into a corner. Really helped with my old gelding
Thank you everyone for your tips :) I tried and we actually managed to make some improvements in the last 2 days, so thank you :)
If you kick/use your crop on the outside and ask for a canter in your turns then it will make it easier to pick up the right lead
Also check and make sure he isn’t leaning or falling or bulging in our out. When i bought my greenie he used to get so over bent in the corners he couldn’t pick up one lead so I really had to shove him off his shoulder and straighten him out.
On the other hand check and make sure he’s bending correctly some horses get stiff to one direction and find it hard to canter that way. Check and make sure he can pick it up lunging too.
Hi Lisa, I think with canter sometimes people forget it is a 3 time pace and if it's the right rein that you struggle with it's the near hind that will strick off first then diagonal pairs and then off fore. So I always recommend a schooling whip in the outside hand and when in a corner asking for canter give a slight tap behind the saddle. Poles' in the corners will also help this problem. Have you checked your horses back and saddle is fitting ok?
Hi Lisa , try to pick up the canter in the corner to encourage the horse to strike off on the right leg also when striking off open your inside hand out slightly sit out of the saddle by tilting your inside hip and shoulder forward to take weight off the horses inside lead also use your outside leg slightly behind the girth when striking off ... hope this helps practice makes perfect
Milk the side you wan to go on with your rein and have his head tilted that way a bit, hope this helps 🙂
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