So unfortunately I broke my wrist pretty badly & will be operated next week (I will get metal pins). Does anyone have any experience with this? How long will I not be able to ride?

I broke my back and wrist at the same time on my old mare, I took 2 weeks off and walked around on trail on a pony (way way more same) and waited until doctor clearance to trot
Metal pins get very very cold in the winter
I broke my hand and got operated on, after the operation i tried to move my hand around as much as the cast would let me and I still did lower body exercises like squats and core work outs at a gym and did some running, it took 8 weeks for my hand to heal after being operated on but I was able to ride right away after because I was still fit enough and watched other people ride so I remembered all the aspects of it when I got back
I broke my worst a few weeks back and left it a month before going to the doctor and ended up getting an operation but I rode 2 weeks after the operation with my cast and my wrist still headed perfectly!
I broke both my arms at one point due to falling off and you just need to listen to your doctor. After surgery I had a cast for 6 weeks and then physio for a month after to strengthen my arm again. Please listen to your doctor as they know best x
I had a similar injury, mine was from riding. I was in a cast after surgery for a while. Then once I got the clear which was a little over 8-10 weeks it took me probabaly 2 months or longer to get my confidence back to ride again.
It depends
Ask your doctor
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