I ride lesson horses at my stables. I want to buy my own halter but what size should I get?

Wait until you loan or have your own horse.
I wouldn’t get a halter until you either lease or own because it’s a waist of money if you don’t have a horse. A pony halter isn’t going to adjust for a horse and a horse halter definitely won’t adjust for a pony...I would just wait and put the money towards something else.
Sydney, I ride different horses every time since they are lesson horses. I do not lease, I do not own.
What size horse do you have
cob size should fit a small horse | horse size should fit a normal size horse |
It depends on what size you ride. If you ride mainly ponies get the small size etc. Maybe an adjustable one would never best if you ride lots of different sizes.
Adjustable, Small horse, Large horse, and Average horse.
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