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So my horse just got his shoes off and he's had them on all spring and summer. His feet are really sensitive now and whenever I ride him he gets a bit of a limp. What can I do?

So my horse just got his shoes off and he's had them on all spring and summer. His feet are really sensitive now and whenever I ride him he gets a bit of a limp. What can I do?
Just an update for anyone who wants to know.he was much more comfortable with his feet by the show I just gave him 2 days without any riding or lunging and let him get settled with himself. Thanks so much for all your guys help. Oh and we got 3rd in our combined test!
Tell your trainer he not ready and don’t go it’s your horse not his. Get out a good barefoot trimmer to do your horses feet and walk him out in hand he needs stimulus on his feet to get the blood flow going but ridden may be too much for him. Then get a good foot ointment NOT HOOF OIL Try field paste or sole paint by red horse products these are the best.
@sydrose I only had shoes on for show season. Hes previously went from shoes to no shoes with only a little tenderness he just seems worse this time.
I think the question that needs to be asked is why did you take his shoes off? I had a mare who had great hoof wall quality, so her feet didn't break down by being barefoot but her feet were flat and there was too much pressure on her frog to be ridden barefoot. So even though she had great feet she still needed front shoes.
A handful of Copper sulfate is some warm water, if you soak his feet 10min per day. It will harden the souls.
Soul hardener and working o different surfaces to condition his feet. The first 2months normally the hardest then you won't regret taking them off :)
Thanks everyone! I'll take all of this into consideration :)
You can also buy some boots for his feet too, if you are worried about your horse then don't shoe him. If your trainer is harping on you to show then try buying some boots?
I would suggest hoof oil and talking to your farrier. And maybe wait a few weeks until his hooves have hardened up before riding anymore. If you are worried about his exercise, lunge him and do some ground work with him. You don't have to ride to get some good exercise in😊
If you are wanting him to be barefoot, there is nothing you can do for a 'quick fix'. I would suggest feeding a supplement such as biotin to assist him in the long run however time is needed to adjust. Regarding the show, ultimately he is your horse and you decide what you do with him so if you don't think he ready then do not go. You want your horse to be happy, healthy and comfortable <3
He got them off about a week ago and he's a bit better but I just worry because I've been going easy on him because I realise he's sensitive but my trainer is having me go to this show and she knows his situation but still wants us to go. Would putting turpentine on his hooves help?
Talk to a vet. But I would recommend giving him a supplement to strengthen is hooves and maybe applying a spray or cream for the same purpose. Honestly, I think if the horse hasn’t got used to being barefoot you should take it slowly and wait. He needs to build resistance in his feet and it won’t happen overnight. Imagine if, instead of using sneakers, you started to walk around and run barefoot. It would hurt in the beginning but with time your feet would become tougher.
The reasons I'm asking is because we now have a show to go to on Saturday and he's not at his prime.