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What are the effects of noseband pressure?

What are the effects of noseband pressure?
I rode without a nose band for half a year in my riding club, and 2 years before that, but when it came to camp, they said I needed one but it was the same a general stuff but in camp
A quote from Bomber of bomber bits, "pressure equals resistance"!
I know that if they're too tight they impede the horse to breath.
It depends on the type. The purpose of bridle such as micklems is to reduce all of these pressures, but for thisbe reason it can't be used alongside a gag for example, as it cancels out the poll pressure the gag exerts. Many flash nosebands are fitted far too low, and is therefore on a pressure point in the horses nose which can cause the horse discomfort.

I use a padded crank (without using the crank to lever the nose and very tight) cavesson as my horse doesn't need anything more complicated.
Pains for the horse
Thank your for your answers :)
My horse was very sensitive to normal flash or cavasson nosebanda so I bought him a Rambo micklem bridle 👍
It depends on the noseband and on the horse, with some horses it helps me to have more control, in my horse it complicates everything,
It depends on which type of noseband you use.