Any tips for clipping my horse for the the first time? I already have the proper clippers and blades.

Don't be afraid of it. The clippers can't cut. Just take care to go with the grain even on whorls
Make sure the horse is clean so clippers will move through easier. Also, do in a well lit area so you can see any areas you may have missed.

Take breaks, both for the clippers to cool and your horse.

If you haven’t clipped this horse before, be very careful around the stomach and legs and keep yourself safe. Broken noses happen more than you realize from clipping.
Fairly clear,I hope so. ^^
(Sorry for double answer,but my phone just doesn't work very well ahah)
Hi! I clip my horses every year,and it's super easy!
You must go against your horse hair,so if your horse's hair goes to the right,you must clip to the left.
I don't know if my explanation it's
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