I ride a little pony who drops her head way to much so I have to keep pulling her head up. What should I do?

Half halts with the reins and use the legs
I dont like the word pulling- try more leg instead to push her head up into your hand. But it is worth while seeing if her saddle is restricting her shoulders in any way because horses tend to drop their heads down or headflick from tightness or discomfort in wither or shoulder,hopefully its in the shoulder not the wither as the wither is the center of the nervous system and if not dealt with could lead to bigger problems like bucking.hope this helps :)
You can try using an overcheck or grass reins
Go for "climbing" om the Forest😊
you can also try as you’re working the bit, close your fingers when she drops. Usually do this when they raise their head, but it works for mine when she drops.
You should raise you hand
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