Any thoughts on safety stirrups please and which brands I could look at?

Free jump styrups or prestige (I think that's how u spell it)
I think there good so you don't get dragged if you where to fall off X
I just recently bought a pair of safety stirrups. I would highly recommend using these as there is a girl in my school who got dragged on concrete and was off school for two weeks. I got mine for just over $50 but there are some more advanced ones for $300 - $400.
I use flexible stirrups, they are safe and help with ankle pain🙂. I just use silver fox brand they are cheap and have so far held up very well
Free Jump !!
I JUST got Bow Balance stirrups and they improved my riding tremendously
Think you're right trinity. I might just invest the money in a new cap and more lessons ☺
if you hold your foot properly there's no need for safety stirrups
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