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What’s a good affordable jump saddle?

What’s a good affordable jump saddle?
Ive always been a Stübben fan but i do have a Pinnacle saddle i love as well!

Check out the sale sites or tack sales at shops, sometimes you can catch a steal!
I have the Henri de Rivel Advantage Close Contact and I love it.
I have a anteras and I love it. CWD and devecoix.
I have a wintec a/p... and it’s sooo slippery. I hate it.
Equipe is amazing but is pricy second hand ones are just as good
I found wintecs to be a slippery and puts u in a bad position but I love my tekna
I recommend you get a good brand used saddle some are much cheaper!
Used saddles, old stubben, butet...and wintec is a really good saddle
Thorowgood’s are awesome under $2000
Sometimes used saddles are the best! I have been riding for eight years and have only bought used saddles! So much cheaper! Just make sure that the used saddle fits your horse, don't just buy online.
Try looking through the Pony Club classifieds for used saddles. They have strict requirements for tack care in Pony Club so anything listed there is in good shape!
Look online, so many cheap options.
Try a Wintec!