Any tips on straightening the horse and collecting her before a jump?

Using both reins and legs to tunnel her and using V poles
Outside rein with lots of leg
Placing poles and V-poles
A poles on the jump are great for that.
My horse is really long strided. I lift up on his mouth then half haunt but give before the jump so I don’t hold him to long and jump over my hands. Try to get your horses head straight and use both legs and try to stay Center in the saddle.
If cantering I know this sounds weird but pretend like your pooping and it will relax your butt muscles..... trust me
If you are trotting slow your post and cantering sit deep and half hault
Yes Hannah Noons, also ride from leg to hand to the base of the fence so your horse will be straighter afterwards. Hope this helped!
Do a lot of gymnastic lines and make a v with two poles leaning on the jump to help guide you towards the middle of the jump
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