When looking for a stable what are some things you look for?

Que esté limpio ,tenga espacio y sea cómodo para el caballo :)
clean space...good hight and clean beds
Dry bedding
Arena access
Turnout access
Friendly staff
Friendly boarders
Good facilities in general
And of course a reasonable price!
-training of your interest.
-good boarding
-good trainers
-easy transportation for horse
-close to yoy
Space, lightness/airyness , if the horse can see other horses whilst in it, if there is an automatic water dispenser, if there is a hay bar or if haynets are used, if there is matting in the stable already or if it will have to be brought and obviously that it's waterproof lol
Bedding. What your horse prefers and what he needs. Some fatter horses eat straw. Some have respetory issues from sawdust dust.
What do you mean. As in livery or for building yourse
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