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What are the nicest and most humane bits?

What are the nicest and most humane bits?
It depends on the rider, but my horse uses an eggbutt snaffle.
French link snaffles are the best option
No bit at all is the most humane, but snaffle bits are your best option
I highly recommend poponcini bits. They are expensive but I find them brilliant for sensitive horses.
french link & soft hands
Any bit can cause pain in the wrong hands
I like to use an egg butt French link snaffle as a standard for all my horse and then change it if they need it
regular snaffle. just make sure your not yanking on his mouth, thats a nice bit lol
The bit is only as nice/humane as the riders hands.
A regular snaffle or rubber snaffle
A bitless bridle can be harsh depending on how it is set up and also how the rider uses it, the nose has lots of nerve endings and is sensitive. Not all horses like bits and also not all horses like bitless bridles.
The severity of a bit depends on the hands it's in! A harsh rider can make a simple double link lozenge snaffle painful for the horse, a sensitive rider or a certain type of horse can make a running gag bit soft as butter!

But usually what's pretty mild are bit that are direct action and have smooth mouthpieces with no sharp bits, a double link snaffle with a lozenge is good (it doesn't have a nut cracker action like a single link snaffle does), a rubber Mullen mouth bit can be mild.
I love my loose ring rubber mouth snaffle on my gelding.
It is also a snaffle
Or a leather bit you can find them on etsy.... They are handmade and work lovely it is a bridless bit but you can use a bridle its soft of your horses mouth and over time it shapes to said horses mouth and it most comfortable.
Snaffles all the way!
Have you considered bitless? May be worth researching? ☺️
@isapal totally agree! Love the Sprenger bits, sensogan or aurigan.