Has anyone used a geranium rose and lemongrass essential oil mixture (mixed with witch hazel and distilled water) to prevent flies and ticks?
Opting to go natural.

I make my own fly repellent with:
Neem essential oil
Lemongrass essential oil
Eucalyptus essential oil
Tea Tree essential oil.

It keeps everything away, skin remains hydrated and leaves on the horse a very nice smell!
Yes! Works really well for me
Going to keep that in mind. Will definitely let you know if I succeed =)
I mixed with almond oil as a carrier but it didn't work so tried geranium oil on it's own with a little sponge around their faces. Try though and let me know :-)
Thanks Lucy. I have read that the geranium rose differs quite a lot to just the geranium essential oil. I wanted to mix it with the hazel witch as this allows the oil to mix with the water and use it as a spray.
I am a tad bit wary to apply directly onto skin as I know most oils require a carrier oil.
Want to use it with the lemon grass to ward off flies together with ticks (geranium rose used for ticks).
Thanks for your helpful feedback Lucy. Holding thumbs this works!
I have tried them separately. I spent a fortune on various essential oils to naturally ward away mozzies but I was disappointed. The geranium oil is OK on it's own, I used it on their faces but the others were rubbish and watered down even more so. On top if the fact the insects weren't bothered, the horses looked a mess as all the dirt and dust stuck to the oils and was impossible to get out, even after showering them (they are both greys). I have just discovered Phazer and seems to be the best so far. We live in an area with loads of mosquitoes (in Spain) so needed something that worked. The natural things don't seem to! Try the geranium oil maybe but not watered down. It's so expensive though!!! So might want to try just on their faces too and use something else on their bodies. Good luck!
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