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Do you remember your first competition? How was it? Were you nervous?

Do you remember your first competition? How was it? Were you nervous?
i stopped riding for 3 weeks and my comeback was at my FIRST competition, everyone was telling me that it wasn't a good idea but my coach told me to just do it.
I couldn't find my coach at the warm up arena which made me so nervous as this was my first time, but i warmed up alone then i cleared...i was so happy afterwards and ever since i became addicted to that adrenaline rush.
Not really, not that bad heh
I was nervous but mostly really excited! I didn't have my expectations set very high but ended up doing pretty well. It was great to always have my mom their and since it was at a new barn and I didn't know anyone yet it was also great to have my best friend come along
I was nervous and scared but when I was doing the show I was fine and after it I felt so happy with my readings and I still get that now X
It was good I cleared and was pretty fast I thought but I didn't place I was kinda nervous but one I got on my horse the nerves became adrenaline and it was a blast!
I was petrified but once I got out there I knew what I had to do and focused on that forgetting my berves
I was very nervous! It was years ago but i remember all the butterflies i got and my horse felt them too lol i had a blast none the less. I guess thats what really got me addicted to jumpers, the adrenaline 😬
Yes very and my i got a new horse just 2 months ago before the competition and before that i got the horse i was scared to death to jump but after the two months i got to like it alot but i still very scared of it. So i competed in a 70cm class. And i was so scared. It was really fun though.
I was really nervous, I was riding a pony that I was obsessed with and we jumped the 40cm category and I went super well but I was so scared so I went extremely slowly and lost
My first horse show was so much fun! Obviously I was nervous, but my barn friends really helped me feel welcome. I consider my first show one of the best because of the fun and experience I earned.