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Does mane pulling hurt?

Does mane pulling hurt?
I use a solo comb for great results and horses aren't bothered by them
Some horses don’t care, some do. Mine will pull back If I pull his mane, so I got a humane pull and he’s fine! It works great too, looks very natural if you do small bits at a time.
I think it depends on the horse, my big mare could care less what you do to her mane, and my little chestnut girl says other wise lol
no; they don't have nerves in their mane like we do
Some horses are sensitive or don’t like the noise, but pulling a horses mane shouldn’t hurt them
Some horses feel it some don't, if your horse is sensitive to it than pull there main after your ride so that there pores are open and the hair will come out easier
No, it does not hurt, however, it can be annoying or intolerable for some horses.
I think let your horse decide if they like it or not if they don’t mind then go ahead but if they act uncomfortable then quit...they also have a really good pulling comb that cuts instead of having to pull and still gives the pulled look I recommend it 100%
Read an article recently about a study that was conducted on horses regarding mane pulling. Study concluded that their heart rate increased every time hair was pulled. Since we cannot interpret horses feelings from tests, you could probably assume they’re not to keen on it.
I think it might hurt some horses and not others, my old pony used to hate it but my new horse couldn't care less.
I used to use a solocome to pull my old ponies mane, as it has a blade in it it cuts the hair instead of pulling it out & he wasn't fussed by that!
Well. People say theres no nerve endings in the mane. But I'm not sure cause my horse absolutely hates when I pull it. I trim with a thinning scissors and a regular one. Much better and quicker. Just never cut directly straight across with a scissors. Always cut vertical with a regular scissors. But you can cut horizontal with a thinning scissors
I would say so I use an old blade from my clippers to shorten the mane, nice n quick and pain free and doesn't lighten mane, your only meant to shorten and break the hair rather than tugging and ripping it out by root 😊