I have an OTTB who won't build topline. What are your favorite exercises?

Trotting poles and long and low work. Bailey's no.4 feed can also help along with the exercises
Gymnastic, and lunge with a surcingle
Trotting uphills if you have hills in the surrounding
Cavelleti and good flat stretch work
Hill work and poles.
Lots of extended trotting :)
Lunging over poles
Get them to engage and collect up
When riding get them to work long and low but not having swinging reins, keep a contact and once again poles poles poles
If possible go for long uphill hacks or trotting up steep hills
I have worked with ottbs that won't build topline, One thing that really helped me was to do lots of lunging in side reins over poles ( helps the horse step under its self building topline) .Also under saddle with a German martingale. You have to make sure that you are not cranking the horses head in so don't make the German martingale to tight. Draw reins also work but are not a easy and comfortable for the horse.
Have fun!
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