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How to count horses strides?

How to count horses strides?
Four people steps is one horse stride, one step after the jump is the landing stride then continue with the four people steps
What is the issue you’re having with counting strides? Do you mean during a line or in general while cantering?
After a while of practicing you will start to get a feel of your horse's striding size and then you will be able to tell how many od his/her strides will fit between you and the jump

Hope that is what you meant
I was learning that this year and what i am doing is counting up not down because if you are new to this and you are on your way to a jump and you count dow n but you started counting at the wrong time it wont really help but if you count up you wil be able to count on if you started to early
Then agter a while of practicing
You will feel when your horse makes a stride, when all 4 hooves touch the ground at a canter that equals one stride, so when you feel that happen count 1 than count 2 when all 4 hooves touch the ground again, than keep counting
Hi! Only practise will get you there, but try thinking 3,2,1 before the jump, then start trying to guess further like 4,3,2,1 then 5,4,3,2,1
That should lead you in the right direction