I am competing in 1,20 category, next year I will go to 1,30 and my trainer thinks my horse won’t do it should I try to make her compete? Or sell her and buy a horse that is ready?

You may wanna first get comfortable at home than you can easily show her at 1,30.
If it can build you a bit confidence you could let her jump the 1,30-1,35 in liberty while you are with her. This way she knows she can do it while you are here and you may get more comfortable too when you see her doing well in your presence.
If your horse is in pain or uneasy about anything dont push her! but also dont give up on her, with time and practice she could be that show jumper you want but if your looking for an imediate answer then sell her and search for a horse to meet your needs, ik in my case my horse is my best friend and i could never, but if it came down to a bigger and brighter future i would have to consid
If you work with your horse you shouldn't need to get another horse that is ready to go. If your hoping to go up a level you can learn with your horse instead of getting a horse that knows everything, making it an easier option yes but you would become a better rider if you worked up the levels with your horse as you can new tricks and good experience for the future
If she’s comfortable training at 130 and she’s morning hesitating, it should be fine. Always get a second opinion from another experienced person so you know you’re doing the right.
Train with more experienced horse.
If you feel comfortable. If not talk about leasing or riding another horse until you are more comfortable.
Have fun!
Then you should be able to show your hose in the 1.30.
That's what I would do. One time my trainer said that my pony could not show at 3 ft but turns out she is amazing at it.
Hope this helps
Im the same except i only started completing this year. Im 15 years old. i want to start conpeting in a 1m next year but i am very unexperienced. My horse can do it but im unsure if i can. Then the problem isnt the horse, its me and you. Build up experience. Go to loads of training shows, do a horse jumping program, read about it. Keep feeding yourself information to build up you skill and confidence. And to help teach u what u should practice and what not so much. Keep doing courses of 1,30 and up because its all based on practice. Practice makes perfect, just keep practicing over and over.
@sophiazambelli1 yess, when I am training she jumps 1,40, and she already did a course of 1,45 with my trainer, but I am more unexperienced and when she is with me, she doesn't jump so well as I am not experienced like my trainer is.
Can she do 1.30 at home? It easy for her?
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