Morning Jumpers, I have a question for you all! Any techniques or manners which helps with remembering a jump course?🤔

Jump off pro is great
What I try and do is get there early then walk the course then run the course if you where riding it then shut your eyes and memorise. Also let a few other people go before you Xx
Thank you everyone!!! You guys are awesome!!!❤️❤️❤️
Get there extra esrly and watch various horses before you
There is an app called 'Jump Off Pro' and it does cost money but I've seen videos on it and you take a photo of your course and it takes you through the ride. It's hard to explain but if you were to watch a video on it then you could see if it will help yo
When walking the course. Walk the first 3 close your eyes. Ride in your head, walm next 3 ride all 6 in your head, walk next 3 ect. Then walk out of course look at each jump and ride in your head. Close eyes and ride the course.

Hope that helps
Courses usually have a flow to them so just do that you feel instinctively
Go over the course in your head a hundred times before entering the arena!
Hi Annique
I'm just going to show this morning haha
I personaly walk the course with my teacher and at every jump I look back and point the previous jumps. In the end I walk it once or twice alone, and the best for me is to close my eyes standing still and pretend to do it, I imagine how I must ride my horse for this obstacle and if it turns left, I turn left etc
I may look like a fool but it really helps :)
Say the colors, (if they are colored) say numbers, map the course in your head.
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