My horse is calm at home and manageable at showjumping competitions but cross-country or whenever there's a horse ahead hes is uncontrollable, what can I do to stop this?

Hi Érin I have a horse who is like yours . I have found that if you ride on a trail with another horse just walking and then do it in the arena with some trotting and some cantering and if you keep on doing this but switch it up . Hopefully it will get him more controllable . Also, it can becaused by the food or supplements that you give him? Talk to your vet about it ! It get a second opinion!

Hope this helps :)
Hi Érin,

If you train alone you can start training with other horses to get him used to them. I usually start in an arena then move out to an open field when I feel comfortable with it. If you go cross country schooling, you can ask to go first so that your horse won’t want to catch up with the others. Short term you can circle and use your transitions.

Hope this helps :)
Try him on steady neddy
Do u train alone? well if u do try training with someone else in the arena and go from there
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