How many times do people jump per week? What exercises do people also use to get the horse thinking about where his feet are etc?

Exercises for getting a horse to think about where his feet are cavaletti and trot poles.
The zig-zag cavaletti setup can be helpful
(poles setup
/ \ / \ / \ / \ /
So they have to really focus on their feet. Also poles raised at alternate ends (1st pole- left end raised, 2nd pole- right end raised, 3rd pole- left end raised, 4th pole- right end raised, 5th pole- left end raised).
I just my horse once a week and gymnastics/grids are really good! Also, try raised cavaletti too
1-3x per week
1-3x per week is enough
I only jump big once a week and ground poles the other day a week other wise i flat, gymnastic are great for their brain
I jump once a week max! But I’d recommend poles on the ground, raised poles and gymnastic jumps (bounces etc)
I jump twice a week max. One time just some gymnastics, in&outs, jump on a circle and stuff like that. Other time is either some stride work or a practise course or show 😊 trotting poles at different strides or heights help a lot with feet control!
On one of my horses I jump him more than I ride dressage becaus that is what we need to practise. It is entirely on what you horse needs to work on and dividing the time. In response to were his feet are going maybe try some pole work or grids and even dressage.
I jump once a week to train for the competion on the weekends
Pole work once or twice a week and jumping once🙂
Once or twice a week, depending on the intensity of the courses we school. Lots of pole work to teach them to balance and use themselves . If you have hills ride up them at the walk to build a better top line. Making sure you have a good trainer to help you along is a big one
I normally school over the jumps twice a week at the most. Then the rest is dressage work and flat.
Two times a week at the most and try pole work X
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