What brand of dressage saddles is the best in terms of comfort?

Aiver Sport Performance is a gorgeous monoflap with polyurethane tree so it bends along the horse. It also has really big knee and thigh blocks if you are into those. It fits many backs as it has really short panels. One girl tried a 17' on a shetland pony and it was just a teeny bit too long, 16' would been perfect and that also sounds giant on a such small pony. Her only problem were the flaps being too long but those too come in many lengths for perfect fit for the rider
and the horse 🌟 It also has changeable gullet system and they are more U-shaped that traditional V for better fit.
I agree with Jeanne. You can find comfort in many different saddle Brands but the fit has to be perfect for your horses back. I would spend money on a fitter before buying one out of the catalog
Childeric, Devoucoux and Antares are great, but your comfort mostly depends on the adequation of the saddle to you and your horse, more than the brand only.
I love the Equipe
I loved my Hulsebos
prestige definitely
Winters are nice!
Zaldi San Jorge or Custom are perfect πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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