I'm allergic to horses everytime I go near them I sneeze and my eyes swell up and become itchy and I get a headache. I take antihistamines sometimes two. But they don't seem to work. What shall I do?

Acupuncture, it actually help. No problem anymore.
Talk to your doctor and consider going to an allergist. They can help you develop a better plan for your specific allergy, which may include shots or some other treatment to lessen the allergy over time. It may also be possible your allergic to hay or something else in the barn environment and not actually horses, so an allergist can help you pinpoint what you're actually allergic to.
I use zirtec it works mirricles I'm really allergic too I really sucks right! Especially when it's the thing you love most it's getting in the way of!🐴🐎❤️
I use to be allergic too u have to find something that works for you, for me it was claryntine. The more you are around horses the more u get used to it and it starts to fade away.
Ya I have tried zyrtec and claritin
Try Zyrtec or Children's Zyrtec
The antihistamines don't seem to work* they make me dopey and sleepy even the non drowsy ones. Any suggestions. Giving up horses is not an option 😂 at the moment I wear a full face mask and it helps too but I find it makes be a bit dopey too
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