I fell from a horse. I fractured the vertebrae… I had to wear a corset for months but I was not afraid. But When I broke the homer now I'm scared. This strange! What shall I do?

Have a qualified instructor that you knows and like with you and a quite horse to get you started. I second the idea of wear a back protector, they make you feel so safe
Just try to ease back into it and soon you'll feel like you were never scared!
Try wearing a body protector/vest. I find that it helps me feel safer and braver.
if you trust your horse with your life it makes everything alot more easier

Its normal to feel the way you do. There's actually a really cool new horse movie thats coming out about a girl who fell off really badly and how she gets better to help a horse.

Hope it helps
Fell off a few times. I once fell on his neck and he decided to jump with me off balanced and i after the jump he wouldnt stop cantering but he stopped at the stables. I know what happend to me isnt as bad as what happend to u but it has the same basic idea. You got hurt mentally. After that happen to me I slowly stopped riding for a year but then i fell inlove with a horse and she looks after me. Find a horse that looks after you. Because now i can jump again. Im still scared but i know my horse will always keep me safe no matter what the cause.
Go and ride again. I know it sounds crazy but its the only way to face it. I had a bad experience with jumping. A horse i use to ride would repetitively stop before the jump. I almost
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