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Whats everyones views on spurs?

Whats everyones views on spurs?
They can be bad if you dont know how to use them but if you do then they can be a handy aid.
They can be bad if you don't know how
I use occasionally, my boy doesn't like whips, used correctly they have a place but I'd rather school right and take them away, but until he's going the way I want him, I wear them
Those who can use them correctly, don't need them.
Only if their used when they are needed I like them
I think that people shouldn't use the spinny ones because they can pinch your horse but, the flat ones are ok as long as you know how to use them. But everyone has a different opinion
if you know the correct way on how to use them they are great!
If you use them correctly I don’t have a problem with them :) if you use them aggressively or kick in them (which I’ve seen plenty of times) I’m not too fond of that.
They are the perfect way to connect with horse through specific cues!! riders tend to over use them and it causes the horse stress, just be sure your using them correctly 😊
I have no problem with spurs as long as they are used correctly. I hate it when I see little kids with spikey spurs and just go at it on their horse- no not okay. I use spurs only on the horses that need it, and I use rounded small spurs- so it doesn’t hurt it just is a different feeling from my heel so they actually react. Spurs are a great aid for riding- when not overused. Remember to treat your horse like it’s you.
I think a lot of riders rely on them, and I think a lot of riders misuse them. However...there are also a lot of riders who use them correctly and as an extension of their leg. I fall into the “rely on them” I don’t ride with spurs myself. 😜
I use them. It's an extension of the leg
I use tiny spurs for jumping and only used if my (very sensitive and forward moving) horse goes to refuse or if they ignore my usual leg aids. I rarely ever use them, only If they go to look at a jump but mostly they just sit there as a back up tool, I find I can get a more immediate response than with a crop
I’m not totally against them when they are on the right heels. When used as a training aid only they can be useful but when used to inflict pain are just wrong. I am getting spurs for my horse to get him more supple to my leg aids sideways and that is it.
I ride with spurs, i like them. Ive also been trained on how to use them correctly. And the right hands they really are a great extension of your leg and aids, when needed. Some horses really do need them.
Not a fan. Usually they're put in the hands of the wrong person!
I'm not the biggest fan!
No problem with spurs when used properly. You don't have to use them all the time even when you were them.
I have no issues with spurs when used correctly. They can be great for reinforcing aids in the moment. What I don’t like is when I see little children with huge spurs on and Pelhams or gags in their horses mouths
Mine are also round and really dull so they don't hurt him. I always make sure he isn't bleeding and make sure he doesn't have any bad rubs