Has anyone been a working student for a top quality dressage barn? How did you like it?

Thank you! I’m definitely very serious and want to go far in the dressage world. I’m interviewing for a position in a week and wanted to get some feed back from strictly dressage positions to see how people like it. I’ve had clinics with German trainers, so I have a little hint of how hard they can be on others, but it’s worth it!
I've worked for a dressage barn in VA with a German trainer. If you like hard work and takes the sport seriously it is good for you, because believe me, it is HARD work. I know she is hiring right now, if you are looking for something check her out, Britta Johnston at Mountain Vista Farm, she had her own FB page. But it has to be taken seriously because if her case at least you need to be completely invested, and be open to critiques, and if you are you learn a ton!
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