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What are your opinions about body wear protection? is it essential like a helmet?

What are your opinions about body wear protection? is it essential like a helmet?
I agree with Kysa, that all riders should be wearing a helmet when they are riding no matter what discipline. I personally am a jumper and i’m currently riding a greener horse so I am wearing a safety vest, but during competitions I don’t believe it’s needed. I will be entering my horse Lily into her first compatiton in the next month, and i’m not quite sure how she’ll react to a show setting, depending on her spunkiness I will have my vest on hand.
Some people find vest/ body protector uncomfortable, restrictive I found a very comfortable light weight one and it has made all the difference.
I think it depends on what you do! Like cross country or jumping SUPER high! 😂
I think its only essential when getting to high jumping heights (.95 and above) and when doing cross country when your moving at high speed and there’s the chance of falling on/into something solid
Mostly alway wear a helmet and I only wear the body protector for Xc unless I really know the horse or as it is compulsory for competition.Tbh some people just need to be bubble wrapped around horses..
i do use helmet. but dont that body protector
Idk, i used once but i felt it uncomfortable
I always wear a helmet but i hate wearing a body protector as it is restrictive and hot. I find my posture and connection with the horse is better without it and it is MUCH easier to feel the horse without it on. However i've always worn it for competition :(
You should definitely wear a helmet when around horses. Especially when leading or trotting up a horse and turning them out the the field. Always in situations where you are unsure or a bit nervous of the horse you are dealing with. At the end of the day horses are animals and they can be unpredictable so it’s better to be safe then sorry.
PS. I always wear my helmet, back protector and gloves when riding.
all riders, regardless their age or level should wear a helmet. I currently fell off while jumping and broke my back so i also believe a safety vest is a personal necessity!
I always wear a helmet and a safety vest... better be safe than sorry!!
You can never go wrong with a helmet. I believe it’s absolutley essential to help ensure safety. However, other gear such as vests, I tend to use as I see fit. It all depends of your comfort level and safety level depending on what horse your riding and what type of riding you are doing. Examples of when I put on a protective vest; when I’m training a young horse that is very green, jumping a green horse, riding a horse that demonstrates very bad behaviours, or when I’m doing cross country (as your risk level of falling/ injury is a little higher). Some people prefer to wear them at all times while riding. It all depends on your own personal comfort level. :)
I always wear helmets. On the first day I rode I fell off so many times and was thankful for the helmet cause an injury could of happened. So, for the 40 times I have fallen off I know to always wear a helmet!
I always ride with a helmet and if I Haden’s for one fall I could have cracked my head open so helmets are very important to me.
yea, i meant to write that, i wear my vest whenever i ride, some people have a calm horse that they know and prefer not to wear it, when i said its not necessary i meant its not required, most stables dont require them. anywaysi agreee
No, I don’t think so unless you’re doing x-country. I have a vest and wear it whenever I ride whether I’m doing jumping, x-country or dressage just for extra protection. Also if you are riding a horse for the first time, or if you are riding a horse that might be more likely to throw you off, then it might be a good idea to wear one.
I think that its not necessary, unless you are doing XC or learning to jump higher level, if you are SJ, you might want to buy a light back protection vest, for XC and or SJ you can also get an airbag vest, that offers full protection. If you get a light vest, make sure that the back is a bit flexible and thick, if its hard, you can get hurt with it, it should also fit you tightly, not be loose, so that when you ride it bounces around, i wear a SWING Back Protector, its light and comfortable and doesn't affect my mobility even though it still offers protection. ( Its also important to note that some competitions/shows, require you to wear a body protector, so its good to have one that you are comfortable in even though you might just wear it at shows. :)
I think there are different types of body wear protection, and some actually harm more in case off falling, rather than protect... but I’ve always been using one and I’m very happy because I’m pretty sure that in some cases where I’ve fallen I could have gotten more injured without! So my adevice is to find one that sits properly and to use it
Id say always wear a helmet no matter which horse your riding, body protector is optional but id wear it if i was riding
For XC I would always wear a vest and a helmet. For everyday I would just wear a helmet. Unless I am riding a "dangerous" horse, I would wear a vest and a helmet.
Definitely a helmet! But i dont think safety vests are ways necessary, but when and if you do XC then i would recommend wearing one😋🙂