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Can I use my dressage saddle for show jumping, from 70cm to maximum 1.10?

Can I use my dressage saddle for show jumping, from 70cm to maximum 1.10?
I went over a little X rail in my dressage saddle one day just for fun and it was the worst thing ever!!!! LOL not meant for jumping at all.
I wouldn’t because dressage saddlers are heavier and makes it easier for the horse where as a jumping saddle is lighter and woudl make it easier to jump in
I wouldn't use it. Dressage saddles are used for dressage. They tend to perch on the horse while jumping saddles are more close contact
I agree with Dani here,
saddles are made specifically to allow your horse to move comfortably in the discipline they were designed for. Unless you want your horse to be uncomfortable due to restricted movement, I would either use a jumping saddle or an all purpose saddle which allow freer movement of the horses shoulder and back.
I really wouldnt chance it
I'm not sure but I wouldnt chance it past 80s. A dressage saddle wouldn't be designed to allow for the same shoulder movement as a gp or jumping so I could result in pinching.
It works just fine to do it, I know a couple of dressage riders that jump with their dressage saddles in training. It's much easier with a jumping saddle, since you don't really get the right position for jumping in a dressage saddle.
I've heard that dressage saddles restrict the horse and cause damage to their spine
I think this goes to bad for spine of your horse
I think you can use it. But I don´t know how good it is to jump in it for you