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What are the best general purpose saddles that don't cost a bomb? 😂Must be light weight

What are the best general purpose saddles that don't cost a bomb? 😂Must be light weight
Thanks guys but I find wintecs awful to fit your horse and to ride in
Our barn owner said to our saddle fitter that get your hands on every Mustang you possibly can bc I wan't to get these to all of our horses bc
the way they fit 😁 ( I think these aren't made anymore but I'm not sure )
I dont know if you have these where you live but Mustangs are the best 🌟 Wintec saddles tend to be quite hard on the seat and the knee blocks don't have much cushioning. BUT the Mustang general purpose saddle on the other hand has really nice pencil knee blocks and softly padded on the flap and covered with suede where the knee goes. The seat is really nice too. I think its more on the flatter side on what comes to GP saddles but its kinda medium deep and its nicely padded too. Also they don't have that plasticy look as the Wintec. They fit wide range of horses and seats goes from 15' >
Wintecs are only like 300 bucks
Wintec, good condition used is very affordable and comfortable.
Honestly Wintecs are good but still kinda costly. I have a Silver Fox AP saddle at I bought brand new under $200 it has held up fantastic and is very comfortable to ride in. Plus is the first saddle that actually fit my hard to fit horse. Very versatile and I am in love with it. Mine is very light and easy to carry around the barn and “throw” up onto my 16.3 horse(I’m really short😂) I would chose it over wintec any day and in my opinion they look better.
I have a Wintec 500 general purpose saddle - the one with the CAIR cushion system and interchangeable gullet. Because it's synthetic, it's very lightweight so it's a dream to carry and much easier for my horse to move. Since I can change the gullet it means I do not need to buy a new saddle for my horse as she grows (she is 4 and still growing). Despite it being synthetic, it has a leather look to it and looks extremely smart, so it's definitely a brand I would highly recommend!
Wintec is real good quality, maybe thorowgood also