How do I improve my horses outline? He tends to poke his nose out a little and is doing bungee training right now and it isn't doing the job I would like I have tried draw reins als.

Thanks really helped will try that thanks 👌
They tend to encourage horses to carry their head a little too low to be used all the time. If he is only 5 it could just be from a little bit of natural weakness at the moment. Raised poles will help a lot with building him up and keeping things interesting for them so they are more willing to work. All the fun of babies!
Thanks very muck will give it a try and I think the draw reins made him worse I was advised them and was told I was using them correctly but they made him a little heavy he is now back on his hind and going nicely and only pokes his nose out every now and then usually when he's tired or feeling a little lazy
I find a De Gogue with an elastic attachment rather then the rope one works well. It will only put pressure on the horse if he lifts his head up or pokes his nose out. Draw reins can result in a horse becoming to heavy in front if not used properly. The only real fix is to ride him from your leg up to light contact using lots of transitions, changes of bend and lateral work to get the horse to soften and relax thus allowing him to carry himself and work in a correct outline.
And I would say I ride him pretty well 👌 he is only 5 and still schooling so I would like him to just drop a little
His tack fits him prefect and has a natural outline I just want a little more bend in his neck but thanks 😊
gadgets are shortcuts & will never get the end result you want. you need proper fitting tack & you have to ride them properly. collect does not come from a frame, it comes from the hind. if you have a good hind the head will naturally set.
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