ASK Ravene : I have a white and black or horse and his back legs are always muddy and he always has stains all over him. What could I do stop or help get rid of the stains?

Rubbing alcohol is also a good trick but can't seem to always get the stains out perfectly
For summer you could get him a fly rug to cover him up and winter, mud boots and rug him up? (Hope that was helpful) 😊
Cowboy magic has this stuff called Yellow Out that’s strong enough to get potty stains out of the coat...I would think it would get mud out no prob!
Hello Jessica,

You will find your happiness in our range EASY SHINE! For the summer period, our shampoo contribute to keep your horses clean! Particularly the EASY SHINE GREY specially designed for grey horses or clair horses, which could be appropriate for the white parts of your horse.

For the winter period, when wiil not be possible to shower, you can find our dry shampoo EASY SHINE MOUSS who is a dry stain remover and you can use it without water and rinse.

All our shampoo are developed specifically for horses.
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