I’m going to be buying my first horse soon and I like to ride horses 16 hands or under And well trained like lesson horses, do you know any breeds that would be good for me?

I live Quarter horses
My TB is the sweetest boy ever.
Depends on their nature/personality in my opinion.
Conemera or stb
Clydesdales are great as well
TBs will do anything to stick their head out like a donkey and they tend to hold it quite high because of when they raced so I wouldn’t suggest a TB or a Arabian for a beginner
I’ve found that I prefer my bushponies a lot more to other breeds due to the trust and you learn a lot but my two are young and have hardly any training 😬
@ellazimmerman Arabians are not good for beginners
Stock horses or quarter horses are amazing
A clydie x
Quarter horses. Come 16 huh & under
TB or stock horses are pretty good as long as they have been well trained Before hand
a small TB would be good
Quarter horse, Arabian, or Paint horses are all good options because most are well rounded and level headed.
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