I just got a new horse and I want to build trust and also have a "bonding" time. Any ideas or tips? Thank you!

I sometimes just sit in the paddock while he grazes. Gives me a good rest as well. I've fallen asleep once or twice and woken up to find him laying down near me. Playing games on the ground we are currently working on putting his foot into the tyre :) even just walking around on a lead rope with him or her helps to. Good luck :)
Teaching tricks! Especially with lots of treats😂
Hanging out with him/her in their field. Take a book and sit down on the grass while they’re grazing. Teach them tricks for trust and obedience
Take plenty of treats!
Grooming and groundwork
Lots of ground work and while grooming. Spend time also when he’s in the field, just being there together. And in the box, keeping him company.
Spend as much time with this horse and give him/her a lot of treat so the horse knows it love you
You can also try barback riding
Try join up
Hey Sharon
New horse is so exciting
Horsemanship and ground work is what helped me
And remember there will be tough times where you feel like it wont work but you have to push through beacuse after that it is amazing
It can takes weeks for you to bond but for me it took months i dont regret a second
Enjoy you new bff
With my bushpony mare she wouldn’t let me near her so I sat next to her feed bucket while she ate until she got used to me and associated me with food and then I would put food on the ground and stand and not let her near the food till she would allow me to put a lead rope on and basic things like that and now she’s one of the sweetest horses on the ground to me
You could try just taking he/she for a walk and letting it graze
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