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How can I make money as an equestrian?

How can I make money as an equestrian?
Marry a rich guy. Preferably a vet or farrier. Get things cheap
poo pick or ride other peoples horses
If you learn to or know how to do horse show braids that can earn you a lot by doing it for other people at shows
Clipping gets you lots of money
Horse sit, help around the stables
Lessons,work around stables, make treats, polos,ect
If your good enough you can ride people's horses and get babies or greens just small ways
You cant, its a forever circle of broknessness. You work, then spend all your money on your horse... over and over again
Mane pulling,clipping,braiding,feeding,mucking stalls,exercise riding,pasture dragging/picking....there’s a lot of things people will pay for that you can do.
Buy, break, sell. Buy a cheap or young horse or pony with potential, back and train it then sell, you should make quite a good profit along with a fun project x