What kind of helmet do you guys recommend? I m trying to buy a new one🙂

Troxel all the way!
I use Fallon Taylor's barns works great
I like my Fouganza one. It's really comfortable
The best helmet is the one that fits your head. GPA’s fit differently from samshields and so on. You really have to go try on different types to see what fits you best.

I fit One K and samshields, but not Kask or Charles Owen/GPA helmets. I really wanted a Kask, but they had too much space around my temple area.
Gpa lady love it, amazing quality and protection
KASK, I tried many different tipes of helmets but it was the only one that really fit me.
I love samshield helmet! Very good quality and you can personalized as you like on their website ! :)
Kep Italia!!!🏇
The best helmet you can buy for your protection
Be aware that if you by a Charles Owen the filler on the inside changes over time and alters the way it fits. I bought mine two years ago and while it's in great condition, the inside filler has completely changed and doesn't fit correctly now. Very disappointing. I'll by a oneK next.
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