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Any tips on riding an extremely fresh horse? xx

Any tips on riding an extremely fresh horse? xx
keep his bran thinking and dont let him get in over his head, tons of circles and lunging
And a helmet won't make you invincible like some people thing
Make sure to wear a helmet
Don’t react to silly behaviour. Keep asking for what you want until he gives it to you. Don’t reward any bad behaviour or freshness by giving in and giving up. This will turn into naughtyness. Keep asking and reward when he starts focusing on you and what you are trying to achieve, by slightly releasing the pressure.
A thoroughly Infuriating process, but very rewarding when the horse starts listening to you instead of the exciting outside world!
they feed off of you! stay calm and dont anticipate.
Lots of time in the walk to help the horse relax and stretching
Maybe lunge or go for a really long trail ride to get them to relax and then do some light work?
Hello Sara! My horse would get fresh and strong at times, pending the situation and when that occurred, I just rode him. I didn't fight with him, struggle or try to have a debate. I just allowed him to be how he felt in that moment and I rode through it.
Let's go and get on with it. Maybe you can lunge him before riding!