Is 16hh to much height for a 12yr old confident competent 5"6 rider? (Me). Apparently I look small on a horse that size but Surely it doesnt matter as long as it's not to strong?

I’m 13 and I’m 5”3 and I rode a horse that was 17hh but I usually ride 16hh
I have a 16.3hh horse and i got her when i was 14! She was strong, and a pain in the butt, and a bucker, and straight off the track... but she taught me to never give up and to face life straight on with all you got. Shes my heart horse even though she gave me 3 concussions, she also gave me a winning round in jumpers and hunters and intro dressage test C. dont go off getting hurt or anything 😂 but if you love this equine as much as i love pride, go for it, and it will be worth your time and effort in the end
No it doesn't matter at all! As long as you feel like you have control over the horse. I've seen people about 4"9 ft tall doing great competing on horses over 16hh
Size is fine, a 17hh horse may be more suitable than a 14hh horse, so long as you feel comfortable on that horse.

I sold a 16.2hh 6yo OTTB to a 10yo! When they called up I basically told them no, but when she came and rode him they were a perfect match! Now doing shows and having a great time.
Hi Alex
No problem with the size. You only need to be able to stay on his back whenever he moves and to control him, just like any horse. The only problem you might have to face, is the little length of your legs : if you want to do lots of dressage, he will need some time to adapt, but it should be quite quick (1 week maximum).
I’d say it’s fine. I’m 5’4 at 15 and own a 16.3hh thoroughbred. As long as you can control the horse I’d say it’s ok
size doesnt matter
Its fine unless you can't control the horse. But if you can handle the horse than the height doesn't mattet. I'm 5'1 and I ride a 16hh horse.
Not at all, I'm 5'1 and my horse is 16.2hh
You're taller than me and I ride a 16.4hh gelding. As long as you can control the horse you are fine :)
It is okay even if he is strong, as long as you can handle it! The only reason why it may be an issue is that a tall horse has bigger stride and it is not always comfortable for shorter rider to sit on it (due to that your legs are not that long, when you sit on a bigger horse it is harder to keep your balance).