I'm considering building my own livery yard from scratch. It will be small, 6-8 horses. Please advise on what materials you would use for building?Any other advice would be helpful.

Thanks so much Annique. Unfortunetly I only had an allocated amount of letters to use in my question so I couldn't explain further.

I have a business plan, a budget and a rough sketch of a stable plan including tack room, feed room, storage for hay and shavings, wash bay, area for tools etc. Enough paddocks for rotation. Jumping arena and lunge arena.

Location is key in my area as only certain plots of land have access to safe trails for hacking out.

I'd like to know from those who have set up a livery yard from scratch.

What did you do that you wished you hadn't/ what would you have done differently?
Do you have any money-saving tips?
What building materials would you use for stables (to combat the heat) and paddock fencing?

Silly questions like that
As urself questions like what type of riding do i want to perform here?
Will the horses sleep inside or outside?
Where will i keep all the horse stuff?
Do i need a bathing area for the horses?
Where must everything go?
Is there any pisionist plants maybe growing there that u dont know of?
Most importantly plan. Go to other places and see what they have. Gather ideas and build up your plan. Then after that u can start thinking about materials

Hope it helps💜